4 Minnesota Vikings who deserve to be back in 2024 and 4 that do not

Minnesota Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn
Minnesota Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn / David Berding/GettyImages
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Doesn't Deserve To Be Back: Marcus Davenport - OLB

Why would the Vikings bring back a guy who has been injury-prone his entire career and, in his only season in purple, proved that narrative to be true?

Davenport has only appeared in four games for the Vikings, and one shouldn't even count, as he came off the field after a few plays.

The dude can't be counted on, and there's no reason to offer another contract to a player who can't stay on the field and also leaves questions, fair or not, about his desire to get back on it.

Davenport did have a huge impact in the few games he suited up for the Vikings.

He was consistently in opponents' backfields, and his presence seemed to have a positive trickle-down effect on the rest of the defense.

Unfortunately, he was injured again a few weeks later and has yet to take the field for the Vikings, and his window for return hasn't opened yet.

This means we won't see Davenport in purple again unless Minnesota makes the playoffs.

The Vikings have much bigger priorities and decisions to make instead of worrying about extending Davenport.

Danielle Hunter and D.J. Wonnum are better and more reliable options, and they will get the attention when it comes to a contract.

Davenport was in a prove-it deal, and all he proved was how unreliable he his.