4 Minnesota Vikings who deserve to be back in 2024 and 4 that do not

Minnesota Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn
Minnesota Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn / David Berding/GettyImages
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Doesn't Deserve To Be Back: Greg Joseph - K

Greg Joseph didn't deserve to be back last year, and he sure doesn't again next season.

Joseph wasn't good in 2022 when the Vikings decided to re-sign him. He made just 78 percent of his field goals and also made just 87 percent of his extra-point attempts.

This season, he is even worse, making just 77.8 percent of his field goals. He's a hair better on the extra points, making 94.3 percent of his kicks, but he ranks toward the bottom of the league amongst kickers.

There's no reason to bring him back. It's not hard to find a kicker who can make 75 percent of his kicks. Any kicker off the street can do that or better.

Kevin O'Connell has proven to be extremely loyal to the players that he's formed relationships with, but Joseph's misses can be the difference in close games, and the Vikings have lost plenty of those this season.

The Vikings have money to spend this offseason. Some of that needs to be given to a kicker they can be comfortable with and know they can rely on.

They can't roll with a guy who has gone from bad to worse in back-to-back seasons.