4 silver linings from the Vikings loss to the Bucs in Week 1

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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Silver Lining No. 3

Justin Jefferson is on the Team

Losing to Baker Mayfield at home sucks, and it's not what championship-caliber teams do, but the Vikings can feel better about themselves because they have No. 18 on their team.

Justin Jefferson proved again that he's the best receiver in the NFL. He had over 130 receiving yards in the first half as he was able to get wide-open against the Bucs' secondary.

Jefferson ended the day with 150 yards on nine receptions. He had some incredible grabs, but most impressive was how he was able to juke some Tampa defenders out of their pants. Jefferson was given plenty of attention by the Bucs secondary and still was able to shred them.

The Vikings can take solace in the fact that with Jefferson in their receiving corps, they'll always be able to move the ball through the air and put points on the board.

He's a true game-changing type of player and one who not only is dangerous in what he can do but takes up so much attention from opposing defenses that he creates opportunities for other receivers and backs to have huge plays.

Minnesota needs to make sure never plays a single snap with another team and offer him a contract that will always keep a smile on his face.