4 of the worst moves the Minnesota Vikings made in the 2023 offseason

Duke Shelley
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Keeping inside linebacker Jordan Hicks

In 2022, the Vikings struggled mightily when it came to covering the opposing team's running backs and tight ends in pass coverage. Most of those struggles were due to the lack of speed posessed by inside linebackers Eric Kendricks and Jordan Hicks.

In order to improve this area of their defense, Minnesota decided to release Kendricks, a longtime member of the franchise. Some thought Hicks would join him out the door, but the Vikings actually decided to retain their other starting inside linebacker after he agreed to a pay cut.

Many Minnesota fans would have likely preferred the team get rid of Hicks instead of Kendricks, but these moves were just another reminder that the team's new regime has no attachments to any of the players that were brought in by the people that were previously in charge.

Still, Hicks was one of the worst linebackers in pass coverage last season, and if this continues to be the case in 2023, Vikings fans are going to wonder why the team didn't just move on from him during the offseason when they had the chance