5 members of the 2023 Vikings we will (probably) forget ever played for the team

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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There are a handful of players who were members of the Minnesota Vikings during the 2023 season that we will likely forget ever played for the team.

The 2023 Minnesota Vikings were a constantly changing bunch. Back in the summer, it seemed just about every other day, the Vikings were releasing one player and signing a new one.

There were also plenty of injuries suffered during the season, and this forced the front office to bring in some new faces.

Some of these new players had exciting moments for the team, and others just kind of hung around and didn't do much of anything.

These players may have had some shining moments with teams in the past, so there was an aura of excitement about their joining the Vikings.

In most of these cases, that excitement quickly waned, and the player failed to contribute much of anything.

Every season, we see players with notable names join Minnesota, and then three years down the road, we have to be reminded they were actually Vikings at one point in their careers.

So, who are a few members of the 2023 Vikings who, in a few years in the future, we will likely have forgotten ever wore that gorgeous shade of purple?

Player No. 1

Cam Akers - RB

Alexander Mattison was given the reigns to be the Vikings starting running back in 2023, and it didn't take long for the team to realize that was a mistake.

About two weeks into the season, Minnesota traded for Cam Akers. He was a back that head coach Kevin O'Connell was familiar with after their time together as members of the Los Angeles Rams.

Minnesota gave up next to nothing to acquire him. so it was a low-risk move and one that looked like it could've paid off.

It was obvious pretty quickly that Akers was the better back than Mattison. Akers was doing more with fewer touches and he eventually started to get the majority of the workload.

It was Akers and not Mattison who scored the Vikings first rushing touchdown of the season and he also did well as a receiver and in pass protection.

Unfortunately, he was lost for the season in the Week 9 win over the Atlanta Falcons after he suffered a torn Achilles.

What may make Akers a fleeting memory in the future is that his Achilles injury may not just have ended his season with the Vikings but also his tenure with the team.

There is a chance Minnesota could re-sign him in free agency, but they likely will go with either a rookie or a veteran with a shorter injury history than Akers for 2024.

If that does come to pass, it will only be the diehards who remember Akers's brief six-game run with Minnesota in 2023.