5 members of the 2023 Vikings we will (probably) forget ever played for the team

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Player No. 2

Marcus Davenport - OLB

This one may linger for a few years before he is forgotten. The reason, obviously, is because the Vikings paid this dude $10 million to play in four games.

In that time, he managed two sacks and seven total tackles. So they shelled out $5 million per sack or roughly $1.5 million per tackle.

The move was always a gamble, but it failed, and now the healing has to begin.

Marcus Davenport will likely be forgotten in time because he played so little. While he technically was active for four games, in one of those matchups he came out in the first quarter after playing about one snap.

What was truly the most frustrating about the Davenport signing was that when he was on the field, he was dominant. In the few games we saw him, he was consistently in the opponents' backfields and was taking attention away from Danielle Hunter.

It's the "what could have been" factor that will make this failure of a signing burn even longer.

The pain will recede in time, as will the memory of Davenport. His initial signing was met with enthusiasm by most fans, but that quickly turned to angst and frustration as his battles with the injury bug bit him again.

Davenport will have a place in Minnesota's history as one of the team's biggest free agent busts, but to the average fan, he will be forgotten in a handful of years.