5 members of the 2023 Vikings we will (probably) forget ever played for the team

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Player No. 3

Troy Reeder - ILB

There's a chance that many who are reading this already have forgotten Tory Reeder's time with the Vikings.

The former member of the Rams and Chargers was signed to be a special teams ace and provide depth at linebacker in 2023. It was never a splashy or sexy signing, but one that many deemed a quality move that provided adequate and experienced depth.

The signing proved to be a bust, as did Reeder's brief run with the Vikings.

He was surpassed pretty quickly on the depth chart in mini-camp by undrafted rookie Ivan Pace Jr., and then he fell behind Troy Dye as well. With Jordan Hicks already on the roster, it was down to him and Brian Asamoah for a spot on the team.

There was no chance Minnesota was going to give up on their 2022 third-round pick in his second season, so Reeder was given the boot.

Reeder technically was never a true member of the Vikings, as he didn't make the final 53-man roster. That doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a spot in Minnesota lore as a veteran player who was briefly on the team.

In the future, only the deepest Vikings historians will remember him and those few months when he called Minnesota home.