5 best Vikings from their Week 4 victory over the Panthers

Minnesota Vikings running back Cam Akers
Minnesota Vikings running back Cam Akers / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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Player No. 2

Justin Jefferson - WR

Where would this offense be without Justin Jefferson bailing them out and picking up the slack time and time again? Kirk Cousins completed just 12 passes on Sunday, and Justin Jefferson hauled in half of them, making six grabs for 85 yards and two touchdowns. He would have had another, but a penalty negated it.

When the offense needs a splash, Jefferson is and should always be the answer. Give him a chance to make a play, and there's a pretty good chance he comes through, which is why he is the best receiver in the NFL.

While the 85 yards are by far the fewest he has tallied this season, it also speaks volumes to the impact he has on every single game. 85 yards and two touchdowns is somehow subpar for Jefferson compared to the first three weeks of the season, but all that matters is the win right now.

Even with the run game showing signs of improvement, the Vikings need to steadily utilize their best player down the field. We witnessed Stefon Diggs deal with the same thing: being the best player on offense, but the offense continued to stall when he was not involved. That has happened far too often with Jefferson, and it does not have to be that complicated.

Week 5 has to potential to be an exhilerating shootout against the Chiefs. Jefferson needs to be the focal point of the offense from the start.