5 biggest disappointments from the Vikings loss to the Chiefs in Week 5

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / David Berding/GettyImages
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Disappointment No. 5

Not Getting to Throw a Hail Mary

The Vikings still had a chance to tie this game, even after some questionable calls. They got the ball back with about a minute left and no timeouts. Kirk Cousins was able to drive the team down the field fairly quickly, giving the team a chance for a Hail Mary to tie the game.

Instead of heaving the ball to the heavens and hoping for the best, the pocket quickly collapsed around Cousins, and he was sacked.

This was so disappointing to see, and many Minnesota fans probably were asking themselves if any other team would blow the chance to at least throw that ball.

There are plenty of reasons why this play didn't work. Cousins didn't have much time, but he should've just chucked that thing instead of trying to find room to make a decent throw.

The offensive line should've done a better job knowing some pressure was going to come, and the design could've been better, allowing Cousins to roll to his right immediately, avoiding interior pressure and getting a chance to make the heave.


Watching this unfold felt a lot like last year in the playoff loss when Cousins dumped the ball off to T.J. Hockenson instead of giving Justin Jefferson a shot to make a play.

Seeing the Vikings not even get a chance to complete the Hail Mary was a disappointing end to a disappointing game.

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