5 extremely early needs for the Vikings in the 2024 NFL Draft

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins / David Berding/GettyImages
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Offensive Guard

The Vikings' entire offensive line from 2022 will come back intact for the 2023 season. That's huge for the team, but there are still some concerns when it comes to the interior of the unit.

Garrett Bradbury is always a question mark, and it'll be curious to see if he regresses to his 2021 form after earning himself another contract in 2022.

The guards also present some intrigue. There has been some chatter amongst the fan base about moving on from Ezra Cleveland at left guard. He's an excellent run blocker, but his pass blocking leaves a lot to be desired.

Cleveland will likely make a nice chunk of money if he hits the open market, and Minnesota could look to replace him with a cheaper option through the draft.

Minnesota right guard Ed Ingram also has a lot to prove in the upcoming season. Like Cleveland, he was a much better run blocker than a pass protector in 2022. He was also a flag magnet who killed some Vikings drives with his holds and false starts.

Ingram improved slightly as the 2022 season wore on, but he will need to take a pretty big step in 2023 to ensure his job is safe.

There is a slight chance Minnesota could be looking for two new starting guards in 2024, but the team would have to let Cleveland hit free agency next year, and Ingram would have to take a major step backward for that to happen.

While needing two new guards in 2024 may be unlikely, needing one next year seems like a very strong possibility.