5 most explosive players on the 2023 Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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Player No. 2

Kirk Cousins - QB

Kirk Cousins is still a divisive topic amongst Vikings fans. Some seem to hate him no matter what he does, while others appreciate how he consistently makes huge throws and his ability to bounce back after taking a big hit.

Whether you love him or hate him, Cousins will be one of the biggest playmakers on the 2023 Vikings. He is the man running the offense and will be the one putting the ball in the hands of Justin Jefferson, K.J. Osborn, and T.J. Hockenson's hands.

Cousins throws a very accurate and catchable ball, often putting it in a spot where only his man can catch it. He doesn't get phased by pressure and will hang in the pocket as long as it takes, even if a 300-pound man is bearing down on him.

He's thrown for over 4,000 yards in the last three seasons and has averaged over 30 touchdowns during that span. He's efficient, tough, and the perfect player to run Kevin O'Connell's offense. He's also had some moments as a runner, lumbering for a first down or even a touchdown on a few occasions.

Cousins may be a bland firework with the dad vibes he gives off. But without him, this entire offense would be a major dud.