5 fastest players on the Vikings 2023 roster

Minnesota Vikings RB Kene Kwangwu
Minnesota Vikings RB Kene Kwangwu / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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Heading into the team's 2023 training camp, who are the five players that are faster than every other member of the Minnesota Vikings current roster?

Minnesota Vikings players come in all different shapes and sizes, with each player possessing different skills and talents.

Speed, of course, is an important talent to have because you can’t teach it. You’re either a fast runner, or you’re not.

Often when people think about the fastest positions in football, they would assume these players are making big plays and consistently using their speed to their advantage.

Though, with the list of the top five fastest players on the Vikings, most of them haven’t had lots of opportunities to showcase their blazing speed, but should in the near future.

Let’s look at the five fastest players on Minnesota's current 2023 roster as they head into this summer's training camp, starting with a running back that could have a much larger role for the team next season.