5 Minnesota Vikings who don't deserve another season in 2024

Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Dean Lowry
Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Dean Lowry / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Dean Lowry - DL

Dean Lowry wasn't an overly exciting signing by the Vikings last year, but one that many deemed solid.

The reason it was seen that way was that Lowry was a guy who just quietly went about his business and did his job.

In his previous three seasons with the Packers, he averaged just under three sacks a season and about 40 sacks. That was the baseline that many Vikings fans were expecting to see from him.

Lowry fell way below that line. He totaled just 14 tackles and recovered one fumble. He was so quiet, that many forgot he was ever even signed.

He ended up getting hurt and missing a handful of games, but it was clear he was a free-agent bust well before that.

The Minnesota Vikings are going to invest heavily in their defensive line in free agency and the draft. They need to get more talent across the board, and when they do that, Lowry will end up at the bottom of the depth chart.

It appears his best football is behind him, and he clearly showed he doesn't deserve another season with the Vikings, and he probably doesn't even deserve another season in the NFL.