5 Vikings who have been missing in 2023 training camp so far

Minnesota Vikings linebacker D.J. Wonnum
Minnesota Vikings linebacker D.J. Wonnum / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Josh Metellus - S

This one isn't really because Josh Metellus has been missing from this year's training camp. It's more due to the fact that he was getting such a large amount of buzz in this year's OTAs and mini-camps that there was an expectation we'd be hearing a lot more from this summer's training camp recaps.

Instead, we've heard barely anything about Metellus or how he's being used. Sure, there's been reports that he's out there with the second-team defense, but back in May, we were hearing about how he was been lining up all over the place, including as a nickel corner.

Maybe the Vikings are being a little more guarded with Metellus, as Brian Flores does seem to love his versatility, and he is a defensive coordinator who isn't afraid to utilize it.

Perhaps they want to keep Metellus's role a secret and not fully utilize him until the games start to count. Or maybe Metellus is just a backup safety who is doing his job and not standing out positively or negatively.

Whatever the case may be, Metellus is definitely making Minnesota's final roster. But the fact we've heard so little about his preseason performance is a bit strange.