5 Vikings who have been missing in 2023 training camp so far

Minnesota Vikings linebacker D.J. Wonnum
Minnesota Vikings linebacker D.J. Wonnum / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Player No. 5

Ed Ingram - RG

Ed Ingram is a second-year player who the Vikings need to take a major leap forward in his progression.

As a rookie, Ingram started every game at right guard, but he had his fair share of hiccups. He was pretty good as a run blocker, but he was slow out of his stance and a little unsure of his duties as a pass blocker, which led to a lot of pressure coming Kirk Cousins's way.

Ingram also stepped on his quarterback's foot multiple times last season, and he had a handful of costly penalties.

So when Minnesota's 2023 training camp began, many folks were excited to hear about Ingram's possible growth in his second year. There was hope that there'd be reports about how he's dominating defensive lineman and holding his own in pass protection.


Instead of those reports coming out, however, there has been next to nothing on Ingram. The only thing that got his name out in the news was the fact the Vikings brought in free-agent offensive lineman Dalton Risner, as many figured it was to take the second-year man's spot.

If Ingram can upgrade his pass protection this season, then Minnesota should be in good shape. However, it would be nice to hear more reports which tell us that is already happening. Instead, things have been quiet on the Ingram front for the most part.

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