5 bold Minnesota Vikings predictions for Week 9 vs. the Atlanta Falcons

We've got Minnesota Vikings predictions for Jaren Hall's first-ever NFL start

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Jaren Hall
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Jaren Hall / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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2. Jordan Addison will catch another touchdown

Another question for the Vikings offense is how it will change under Jaren Hall. Although Kirk Cousins had his criticisms, he was at least able to get the ball to his playmakers, and he inspired the rise of rookie wide receiver Jordan Addison over the past two weeks.

Addison caught 14 passes for 205 yards and three touchdowns in the last two games, and he should be an easy target for whoever is playing at quarterback for Minnesota.

While there are questions about Hall and Josh Dobbs, there shouldn’t be too many about Addison considering his matchup this week.

The Falcons have spent most of their time in man coverage on defense this season, which means Addison will likely line up against Atlanta cornerback A.J. Terrell often.

While Terrell has a reputation as one of the best corners in the game, he’s allowed a 134.3 passer rating over the last three games after leaving during a win over the Houston Texans in Week 5.

With Addison averaging just over 1.9 yards per route run in man coverage this season, he should have opportunities to get open. Even with the drop-off at quarterback for the Vikings, he should be a featured target in the end zone and find paydirt on Sunday afternoon.