5 draft moves from NFC North rivals in 2024 that should worry Vikings fans

Rome Odunze (15) and Caleb Williams (18)
Rome Odunze (15) and Caleb Williams (18) / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Minnesota Vikings had a very successful 2024 NFL Draft. They got their quarterback of the future in J.J. McCarthy and also an elite edge rusher in Dallas Turner to replace Danielle Hunter. They also got a stud cornerback, filled some depth on the offensive line, and were able to acquire their kicker of the future.

While the Vikings improved, their division rivals did the same. The Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, and hated Green Bay Packers also added talent to their teams. The rival teams were able to fill holes on their respective rosters, shoring up issues that held them back in 2023. The division was already on the upswing, but things got even more interesting after this year's draft.

What a few moves from the Vikings rivals in the NFC North that are the most concerning?

2024 NFL Draft moves from NFC North rivals that should worry Minnesota Vikings fans

Chicago Bears

Additions of Caleb Williams and Rome Odunze

The Bears had a fantastic draft and even the most bleeding purple-heart Vikings fans out there have to admit it. They secured who many believe to be the best quarterback prospect to come out since Andrew Luck, and that is the first real worry for Minnesota.

If Caleb Williams reaches the potential many expect him to, he'll become the next great quarterback in the NFL. Not only that, but he's in the NFC North, and he'll be a guy, just like Aaron Rodgers, who will make his team always be competitive, no matter what the current state of the roster looks like.

Williams has Mahomes-like maneuverability in the pocket, with a strong and accurate arm. Games will never be over playing against this guy until the clock reads 0:00.

Williams is coming into a great situation in Chicago. They have vastly improved their receiving corps. Last year, they landed D.J. Moore, and they got Keenan Allen this year. They already had Cole Kmet on the roster and have a three-headed running back attack of D'Andre Swift, Khalil Herbert, and Roschon Johnson.

The Bears added to that arsenal with their second first-round pick when they selected former Washington wideout Rome Odunze. Odunze thrives on the outside, using his big body to go up and snatch the ball out of the air. He's the first receiver off the board in most drafts, but the Bears were able to snap him up with the ninth overall pick.

If these two reach their potential, it'll be like having to contend with the Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams duo all over again. That's great news for the Bears but a horrible turn of events for the Vikings.

Detroit Lions

Additions of Terrion Arnold and Ennis Rakestraw to their secondary

The Detroit Lions are the the reigning kings of the North, and for good reason. They had an explosive offense, one of the best young pass rushers in the league, and an aggressive coach who wasn't afraid to make ballsy decisions. The only weakness they had was the back end of their defense.

The Vikings were able to put up points and yards against the Lions and that was with Nick Mullens as the quarterback. They almost beat Detroit on Christmas Eve, and the reason the depleted Minnesota Vikings even had a chance, was because the Lions' secondary was so poor. Detroit realized this issue and attacked it aggressively in the draft.

Somehow, the Lions were able to steal defensive back Terrion Arnold at pick No. 24. This was a guy who could've been the first defensive player selected. He's a former safety who can lay a big hit. He's also extremely sticky in coverage and has a knack for coming down with the ball in his mitts. He instantly upgrades the Lions' secondary and improves this defense as a whole.

They followed that pick-up by addressing the secondary again and going with the speedy corner out of Missouri, Ennis Rakestraw. He can run stride-for-stride with just about any receiver that he's lined up against and should be on the field very early as a rookie. The Lions had one big hole in their defense and they plugged it during this draft. Now, the kings of the North could very well reign again in 2024.

Green Bay Packers

Adding LB Edgerrin Cooper to Their Defense

There's nothing worse than when the team you hate the most selects one of the most explosive and exciting defenders in the entire 2024 NFL Draft. That's what the Packers did with the selection of Edgerrin Cooper. The dude is fun to watch as he consistently demolishes ball carriers on tape.

Cooper is a flat-out beast. He shows good patience, as he'll read the play and then close in quickly on the ball carrier. He also possesses the speed to move from sideline to sideline and when he lays the hit, he makes the ball carrier feel it. He has good instincts, has a nose for the football, and should start from day one.

Quay Walker is a player who has gotten better, and pairing him with Edgerrin Cooper could be a real problem for the Vikings moving forward. The Packers' whole front seven is extremely impressive now. In addition to Walker and Cooper, there's Preston Smith, Rashan Gary, Kenny Clark, Lukas Van Ness, and Devonte Wyatt.

That's a tough group to contend with, and if Cooper can do what he did at Texas A&M, the Vikings will find it difficult to move the ball against this group.

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