5 recent NFL roster cuts that could interest the Vikings in 2023

Former Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Duke Shelly
Former Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Duke Shelly / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Player No. 3

Zack Bailey - IOL

The Vikings have an interior lineman problem. With cornerstones at the tackle position, it's increasingly worrisome that Minnesota still cannot get the interior to perform at even an average level, which ends up hurting their offensive tackle production in the process.

Zack Bailey is not a savior for the position, and he may not even be a starter. But he would bring competition to the offensive guard position that the Vikings currently need.

Bailey had a strong 2023 preseason, and it was a bit of a surprise to recently see him get waived by the Los Angeles Chargers. Though he has since re-signed to the Chargers practice squad, this currently does not prevent him from signing with the Vikings.

Minnesota's depth at guard is thin, so Bailey could certainly be seen as an upgrade to the struggling position for the team. He likely wouldn't be the great fix that the team needs, but he provides better depth and offers potential competition for both Ed Ingram and Ezra Cleveland that will force this duo to prove they deserve to still have a starting spot.