5 players the Vikings should consider trading after their 0-2 start

Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter
Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Player No. 3

Harrison Smith - S

This is the trade that would hurt Vikings fans the most. Harrison Smith has been a key piece of Minnesota's defense for over a decade now, but as the team looks to turn a new page, it's fair to question how much longer he has with the franchise.

The clock is ticking on Smith's career, and if Minnesota does decide to start dealing players, it's only fair that they try and give the veteran safety a shot at winning a much-deserved ring somewhere else.

No one would be upset to see Smith stay in Minnesota until he calls it quits and retires, but the NFL is a business, and fairytale endings rarely occur.

He has aged gracefully in his long-tenured career, but the once dynamic safety has shown signs of decline in recent seasons. He could still help out a contending team in need, but the return for him will be minimal.

Trading Smith would be more about setting him up for success elsewhere than anything else, but Vikings fans would be happy if that meant he could truly contend one last time, no matter where he is.