5 players rising up the Vikings 2024 draft board after the Senior Bowl and 3 falling

Oregon QB Bo Nix
Oregon QB Bo Nix / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Faller No. 2

Kalen King - CB (Penn State)

Kalen King was seen as a potential top-20 pick before the start of the 2023 college season.
He had a very solid 2022 campaign and was primed to double down on that success.

Unfortunately, the season didn't go the way he had hoped, and King struggled. He especially had trouble with bigger receivers, and that issue followed him to the Senior Bowl.

The 5-foo-11 King was outmatched by the bigger receivers he went up against. This forced him to get grabby and draw a plethora of flags. The issue didn't get better as the week progressed, and he was even burnt deep a handful of times.

The Senior Bowl, at its simplest, is a separator type of tool in the draft process. If certain prospects are lumped together based on collegiate production and overall talent, all-star games and how these players perform in them can tell a lot about their character and adaptability.

There were some prospects who handled the process much better than King did, and those players will now be ranked ahead of him on draft boards.

He can regain some momentum at the Combine and his pro day, but now the Vikings definitely have to put a red arrow pointing down next to his name.