5 players the Minnesota Vikings were right to move on from in 2023

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Players the Minnesota Vikings were right to move on from

Patrick Peterson, cornerback

Patrick Peterson will be 33 years old this season but wasn't too bad for the Minnesota Vikings during his two seasons with the team. However, to retain his services, the team likely would have needed to pay a premium price.

His contracts from 2021 and 2022 averaged $6 million per year, which is a significant price tag for a team looking to get younger and prepare for the future. Instead of paying that, the Vikings allowed him to leave in free agency and sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Peterson could still have fuel left in the tank. In 2022, he had five interceptions (second-most in a season in his career) and a career-high 66 combined tackles. But it is usually better to move on too early than too late.

12 seasons in the NFL is a lot of wear and tear on a body and it's hard to know how much longer Peterson will be able to perform at a high level. Although he provided some great moments with Minnesota, it was time to make some major changes.