5 Bold Predictions: Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears - Week 6

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver K.J. Osborn
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver K.J. Osborn / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages
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Prediction No. 5

The Bears will send the Vikings to 1-5

At 1-4, this game doesn’t exactly capture the imagination of Vikings fans, but neither has this entire season. They turn the ball over, they make key mistakes, and they’re a shell of the team that seemed bulletproof as they marched to 11 one-score victories last season.

Some would point to this as regression, but it’s more likely that this is just a bad team. The Vikings came into several question marks coming into the season, but few of them have panned out, leaving the Vikings to re-live a bad night in Vegas, pulling the lever on the slot machine but never hitting the jackpot.


It’s the same thing that plagued Mike Zimmer over his final years as Vikings head coach, and it’s starting to show up in O’Connell’s second year as head coach. The Vikings have the talent to win games, but they don’t have the level of execution to win them – especially with a small margin of error.

The Bears are also a bad team, but they could have enough to pull off the upset. Unless the Vikings band together, they will fall to 1-5 and have to answer some tough questions about the future.

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