5 biggest reasons why the Vikings traded for RB Cam Akers

Minnesota Vikings running back Cam Akers
Minnesota Vikings running back Cam Akers / Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
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Reason No. 4

Minnesota doesn't trust Ty Chandler

Ty Chandler has shown flashes of brilliance with the ball in his hands. After showing out in the preseason this summer, Chandler seemed poised for a largely increased role in the Vikings offense this year.

However, after only four rushing attempts this season, it does not seem like Minnesota has planned to rely on him running the ball much in 2023. Chandler did not seem to get much work in the passing game either, despite three screens that were designed for him, which account for all three of his receptions this year.

It seems that Chandler has struggled in pass protection as well. The Vikings, in 3rd and long/passing situations, have been using C.J. Ham in the backfield more to protect quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The decision to trade for Cam Akers has likely limited Chandler's role to anything beyond being a gadget player or special teams player. His breakout year will have to wait.

With other free agents like Kareem Hunt, who visited the Vikings earlier this year and signed with the Cleveland Browns Wednesday morning, off the table, Cam Akers to the Vikings makes sense.

Reason No. 5

Minnesota still believes they can win this year despite starting 0-2

With a passing attack that currently ranks in the top five in the NFL and a defense seemingly improved from last year's atrocity, the Cam Akers trade shows the Vikings believe they can win this year.

The tank for a quarterback dream is as dead as it should have been going into the season. The turnovers that have plagued this offense statistically cannot continue at this pace for the rest of the season. The team is going to turn things around and has identified areas of concern to address before they can do so.


Trading for Akers shows a belief in this season as well as a commitment to the run game. Football can be a very easy sport, and running the ball well is the quickest way to simplify the game (i.e. Eagles, Niners, and Cowboys being a combined 6-0).

The addition of Akers could be a move fans look back on as catalytic to the turnaround of the Vikings 2023 season. He will likely get his first shot in Purple on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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