5 recent members of the Vikings you've (probably) forgotten about

Former Minnesota Vikings WR Dede Westbrook
Former Minnesota Vikings WR Dede Westbrook / David Berding/GettyImages
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Who are a few former members of the Minnesota Vikings from the last handful of years that you may have forgotten spent some time in purple?

The Minnesota Vikings, like many teams in the league, sign free agents in the hopes they can help fill in some holes on the roster and ultimately win games. Many of these free agents are signed to be starters, while some are added to provide veteran depth at a position that could be young and inexperienced.

Sometimes these free agent signings pan out, and a player is able to rejuvenate their career with their new team, or they are able to continue to play well in a new environment. Sometimes though, these moves don't pan out.

Players have come to Minnesota and completely flopped. Maybe they were injured and were never able to get healthy. It's also possible that their best days in the league were already behind them, or maybe they were a reclamation project that couldn't be salvaged.

Whatever the case, the Vikings have had some free agents whose time in Minnesota was so brief or insignificant that many fans simply forgot they even put on that glorious shade of purple.

Here are five recent members of the Vikings you may have forgotten all about.