5 teams that could steal Brian Flores from the Vikings in 2024

Brian Flores could potentially leave the Minnesota Vikings in 2024 for a head-coaching job
Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores
Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores / David Berding/GettyImages
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3. Carolina Panthers

NFL head coaching jobs are hard to come by, so if the Carolina Panthers request to interview Brian Flores after the season, he's probably going to at least listen to what they have to say.

That being said, the Panthers are a franchise that should not be anywhere close to the list of teams that Flores would like to join. If he thought the ownership was bad when he was with the Dolphins, Carolina owner David Tepper makes Miami owner Stephen Ross look like a saint.

But before Tepper became the majority owner of the Panthers, he owned a stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers for multiple years. In 2022, Flores was with the Steelers as a senior defensive assistant and linebackers coach under head coach Mike Tomlin.

Tomlin was Pittsburgh's head coach during the entire time that Tepper owned a piece of the team. So if Flores is good enough in Tomlin's eyes to be a part of his coaching staff, Carolina's owner might think he's good enough to be his team's new head coach.

But, once again, and this cannot be stated enough, Flores would be better off staying far, far away from the Panthers, even if they offer him the opportunity to be their next head coach.