5 biggest winners from the Vikings 2023 preseason opener

Minnesota Vikings running back Ty Chandler
Minnesota Vikings running back Ty Chandler / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages
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Winner No. 5

NaJee Thompson - CB

NaJee Thompson was an under-the-radar UDFA signing just before minicamp, and he showed his value as a punt gunner midway through the first half.

With the Vikings giving the ball away, Thompson sprinted down the field, worked around a blocker, and got to the returner, holding Seattle to a minimal gain and maintaining the field position Minnesota had established.

This sounds like a simple play, but it’s something that has eluded the Vikings over the past several years. While the Vikings saw promise in Dan Chisena, and he usually was the first player to greet the returner, he rarely made the type of tackle that Thomspon made on Thursday night.


With Thompson’s play lighting up social media, he’s definitely made a positive impression. If he keeps it up over the final two preseason games, he’ll have a spot on the Vikings’ final roster.

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