5 worst free agent signings under Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah

Former Minnesota Vikings CB Chandon Sullivan
Former Minnesota Vikings CB Chandon Sullivan / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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4. Chandon Sullivan - CB

Chandon Sullivan was a signing Kwesi Adofo-Mensah made during his first offseason with the Vikings. It was a name Minnesota fans were familiar with, as he spent the previous three seasons with the rival Green Bay Packers.

He was a pretty solid nickel corner in his time with the Packers, showing a willingness to come up and tackle, and was also feisty in coverage, knocking down a handful of passes every year.

Sullivan was never a ballhawk, but he did muster a few interceptions here and there. The Vikings and their fans considered Sullivan a solid addition, and at first, it did seem that way.

Sullivan was aggressive in run support, as he managed to accumulate 60 total tackles with Minnesota in 2022, and he was solid in coverage.

However, that coverage took a nosedive by midseason, as it always seemed to be Sullivan's man who was running wide open in the end zone or cutting across the middle of the field untouched for an easy first down.

The coverage flaws were an issue, and what was worse was that there became effort issues after that. There were plays where Sullivan clearly wasn't trying to tackle the ball carrier, or he seemed to be jogging after his receiver.

Sullivan's numbers make it look like his one season in Minnesota went better than it did, but there's no question this signing was a bust.

3. Dean Lowry - DL

Dean Lowry was finally released by the Vikings earlier this week, and the only question about the move was why it didn't happen sooner.

Lowry was signed last March to play the defensive end position in Brian Flores's scheme. His signing was seen as a solid addition and he was deemed as a player who does his job well but won't do more than that.

That job that he had been doing well in Green Bay had averaged about 45 total tackles a season for the previous five years, with about three sacks to go along with them. That was the expected line, not too flashy, but solid production every week.

It's unclear the reason, but Lowry was a nonfactor in the nine games and four starts he played in Minnesota. He did nothing.

He mustered just 14 combined tackles and had one lucky fumble recovery. It was as if he wasn't even on the field. In fact, by about Week 3, most fans forgot he was even a part of this defense.

Maybe Lowry just lost his mojo at age 29, or maybe he just wasn't a good fit in Flores's defense. We may never know the reason, but there is no denying the signing of Lowry was a bust and easily one of the worst decisions Adofo-Mensah has made in Minnesota.