5 young QBs the Vikings could trade for in the 2024 offseason

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Quarterback No. 3

Bryce Young (Carolina Panthers)

This one would be a little bit of a stretch, but there are some factors that make it a possibility.

No. 1 for the Vikings is that they were rumored to be very interested in him in last year's draft. Apparently, if he were to make it to the second pick, Minnesota was ready to trade the farm to go up and get him. So the interest is there, assuming that rumor has legs.

The other factor is that the Panthers have a new general manager in Dan Morgan and a new head coach in Dave Canales. Neither made the decision to trade up for Young and aren't tied to him as far as their own success goes.

Perhaps if the Panthers fall in love with someone else like J.J. McCarthy or think Bo Nix or Michael Penix Jr. could be better options at quarterback, they'd be willing to move Young for the 11th pick and quite a bit more. They gave up a ton to go up and get him, and as of right now, they are on the wrong side of that deal.

Young didn't have a great rookie season, but he was far from bad. He suffered from an overall lack of weapons and some horrible playcalling.

Sure, he's undersized, but there was a reason he was the first pick in 2023. The Vikings can surround him with weapons and have an offensive-minded head coach who could help Young reach his immense potential.

To secure Young's services, it likely would cost about the same amount as moving up into the top three of the draft. If the Vikings truly love him as much as the rumors suggested, they may be willing to make that deal.