6 most disappointing Vikings from the 2023 NFL season

Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison
Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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5th-most disappointing Viking of 2023

Brian Asamoah - ILB

Last season was going to be a pivotal point for the 2022 draft class, and while Brian Asamoah hasn’t been the biggest bust from that class, it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a disappointment.

Many expected a breakout season for Asamoah after he spent most of his rookie season redshirting behind Eric Kendricks and Jordan Hicks. Although Asamoah had moments in his rookie season, like a forced fumble in a Christmas Eve win over the Giants, there were warning signs that suggested he might not pan out.

Kendricks spent the entire 2022 season a step behind in coverage, and even as he slowed down, Asamoah couldn’t crack the lineup. Another warning sign was when Hicks agreed to return on a reduced salary despite being one of the weakest links in the Vikings defense.

Asamoah entered training camp looking to earn a spot in Brian Flores’s defense, but he was quickly passed by Ivan Pace Jr. and spent the majority of last season on special teams. Although the 23-year-old played in 13 games, he made just seven tackles and never held a meaningful role on the field.

This creates a pivotal year for Asamoah in 2024. With Hicks a pending free agent, the Vikings could turn to some youth or bring someone in through the draft or free agency to compete with Asamoah. If Asamoah can’t win a starting spot, he could be a training camp cut and be another disappointing piece to the 2022 draft class.