6 former Vikings draft picks who are (probably) done in the NFL

Former Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen
Former Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen / Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports
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Shamar Stephen - DL

Based solely on the fact that he was a seventh-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, Shamar Stephen lasting eight seasons in the league is a tremendous accomplishment on its own.

2016 was Stephen's big break when he was given the great opportunity to start in all 16 of Minnesota's 16 regular season games. He was a solid starter and he went on to start 46 more games during the next four years as a member of both the Vikings and Seattle Seahawks.

In 2021, Stephen signed with the Broncos, and he went on to appear in 17 games that season. His contract with Denver expired after just one year, so he hit free agency in 2022. Despite his veteran experience, Stephen didn't end up signing with any team in the NFL last season.

It's possible that he could get another chance to play in the league during the upcoming 2023 campaign. But the fact that he didn't play at all last season might be an indicator that his career in the NFL is already over.