6 former Vikings struggling with their new teams in 2023

Patrick Peterson
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Former Vikings player No. 3

Chandon Sullivan, cornerback - Pittsburgh Steelers

Chandon Sullivan didn't have a very good year with the Minnesota Vikings in 2022 but that didn't stop the Pittsburgh Steelers from signing him to a one-year deal worth a little over $1.7 million to join their defense.

Sullivan started all 17 games for Minnesota last season, playing a total of 975 snaps where he did not register an interception and recorded 60 combined tackles. The Steelers aren't using him nearly as much, only getting him in on 33 percent of defensive snaps.

Sullivan was a low-cost investment for the Steelers, so it's okay that he's not a major contributor but he has yet to meet the potential that teams have seen in him since his exit from the Green Bay Packers.

Since he is only 27 years old and not a huge investment, odds are that Chandon Sullivan will continue to get more opportunities to prove his worth. He could even cut out a role for himself as the season goes on for the Steelers. You never know.