6 former Vikings struggling with their new teams in 2023

Patrick Peterson
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Former Vikings player No. 4

Eric Kendricks, linebacker - Los Angeles Chargers

It still feels weird watching the Minnesota Vikings play without having Eric Kendricks at linebacker. He was a big part of the team's defense since he was a second-round draft pick in 2015 and started 113 games before heading to Los Angeles.

Kendricks has struggled to stay on the field so far this season for the Chargers. He played in two of their first four games, The 31-year-old defender is still an NFL caliber starter but isn't quite where he was when he was an All-Pro in Minnesota.

The Vikings have been pleasantly surprised with the production of undrafted rookie Ivan Pace Jr., who leads all undrafted rookies in playing time and is second in tackles among all rookies so far this season.

In his ninth season as a pro, Kendricks still has a lot of gas in the tank and possesses all the knowledge and ability to play at a high level. It wouldn't be shocking to see him get back on track for the Chargers soon.