6 former Vikings struggling with their new teams in 2023

Patrick Peterson
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Former Vikings player No. 5

Dalvin Tomlinson, defensive tackle - Cleveland Browns

Having a big man in the middle of the defense to eat up space can do wonders for a team. However, the Minnesota Vikings moved on from him after the 2022 season and he signed a big four-year deal with the Cleveland Browns worth $57 million.

Tomlinson has played in all four games for the Browns so far but isn't making a huge impact. He's only playing 61 percent of the team's defensive snaps with only recording five combined tackles and earning half a sack.

For the investment the Browns made in Tomlinson, it's a bit surprising that they aren't using him more or finding more ways to put him in situations where he can be more productive when he is on the field.

At only 29 years old, Tomlinson has plenty of time to get back on track and be more productive. Although stats don't tell the whole story when it comes to defensive tackles, there needs to be more from a player averaging over $14 million per year.