6 free agent quarterbacks the Vikings could sign in 2024

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Quarterback No. 2

Gardner Minshew

2023 Team: Indianapolis Colts

Gardner Minshew has evolved into one of the better backup quarterbacks in the league. He isn't going to wow anyone with his size, athletic prowess, or arm strength, but he is solid in every aspect of the position and isn't going to hinder a team from being competitive.

Minshew has done it for three different teams in his career. It started with the Jaguars, who drafted him. He then was traded to the Eagles and most recently ended up in Indianapolis.

His record as a starter isn't great at 15-22, but those Jacksonville teams were not very good and not close to being contenders.

He took over in Indianapolis this past season when Anthony Richardson went down with a shoulder injury. He was able to lead the Colts to a 7-6 record as a starter, getting them to the precipice of the playoffs.

Minshew is smart with the football. In his career, he has 59 touchdowns to 24 interceptions. His quarterback rating throughout his career is 90.2, which shows good decision-making. That's huge for a backup, as many try to do too much with the limited snaps they get, and that can lead to turnovers.

Minshew also is an engaging character and one quickly gains the support of his teammates. He isn't going to light up the sat sheet, but with a good defense, solid running game, and him at the helm, a team can win football games consistently.