6 free agent quarterbacks the Vikings could sign in 2024

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Quarterback No. 6

Ryan Tannehill

2023 Team: Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill isn't a name who is gonna put butts in seats in a stadium, but he can be an effective quarterback if he has plenty of weapons around him.

Tannehill is an old man at this point in his career, being 35 years of age. He would be a one-year bridge until the future quarterback of the Vikings is ready to take over.

He's kind of already played that role in Tennessee, as he started eight games a season ago before Will Levis took the reigns. Tannehill's best attribute at this point of his career is his experience.

He's been around for 11 seasons and has seen everything a defense can throw at him. His arm isn't a rocket but he can still make all the throws and can escape pressure in the pocket with his legs.

Tannehill's best years were with Arthur Smith as his offensive coordinator, and Kevin O'Connell runs a similar system. The fit would be a solid one, and if the Vikings' defense can fill some of their holes, the team could be competitive with Tannehill at the helm.

ZHe's probably toward the bottom of this list when it comes to options, but again, he could be serviceable and could bestow a lot of knowledge and wisdom upon the Vikings' rookie quarterback, assuming they draft one in this scenario.