6 Vikings offseason decisions in 2023 that already look like a disaster

Minnesota Vikings right guard Ed Ingram
Minnesota Vikings right guard Ed Ingram / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Decision No. 4

Not signing or drafting a starting-caliber offensive guard

Last season, Vikings starting right guard Ed Ingram led the NFL in pressures allowed with 58, according to PFF. And to make Ingram not feel singled out during his rookie year, Minnesota starting left guard Ezra Cleveland went ahead and allowed 53 pressures, the third-most in the league.

With the terrible performances that Ingram and Cleveland had in 2022, one would assume that the Vikings would have at least brought in some interior offensive linemen during the offseason to compete for either starting guard job.

But Minnesota opted against this strategy. Instead, the Vikings felt that the continuity of their same starting offensive line from 2022 remaining intact is what would lead to the unit making improvements this season.

Now, this might come as a gigantic shock to some people, but Minnesota's gamble on continuity for their offensive line this year hasn't worked out.

Ingram has already allowed six pressures in two games, and he's on pace to give up more than 50 for the second straight season. Cleveland has been slightly better this year, with only three pressures allowed, but he's also struggled as a run blocker.

How long are the Vikings going to let Ingram and Cleveland continue to start this season? Probably for longer than anyone would like since Minnesota didn't add anyone during the offseason who was capable of competing for one of the team's starting guard jobs.

But that's okay, at least they've got continuity!