6 bold Vikings predictions for free agency in the 2024 offseason

Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins
Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Vikings Prediction No. 3

The Vikings will sign a running back to complement Ty Chandler

Fantasy football players rejoiced when the Vikings released Alexander Mattison, but they might want to pump the brakes on “Ty Chandler: RB1 SZN.”

Chandler had a mini-breakout toward the end of last season and it led The Athletic’s Alec Lewis to recently report that the third-year back will be featured prominently in 2024.

But the Vikings aren’t keen on a one-back approach and it could lead them to the free agent market to find a compliment.

Top options Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, and Derrick Henry would be fun, but they will probably cost too much for the Vikings’ liking. The next wave of free agents could be more palatable as Minnesota could use a versatile veteran such as Austin Ekeler or D’Andre Swift to pair with Chandler.

This is sure to cause groans from those who have been hoarding Chandler shares in dynasty leagues, but it makes sense.

With the Vikings' running game ranking 28th in yardage last season, beefing up the rushing attack should be a priority for the team this time around.