6 most noteworthy Minnesota Vikings moments from 2023

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen
Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen / Catherine Ivill/GettyImages
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Noteworthy Vikings Moment No. 5

Aaron Rodgers finally leaves the NFC North

Some might be wondering why this is on here, but the Green Bay Packers trading All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets back in April is definitely one of the most noteworthy moments for Minnesota in 2023.

Rodgers was in the NFC North for almost two decades, and he spent most of that time tormenting the Vikings during Minnesota and Green Bay's two meetings each season.

In 29 games against the Vikings (including the playoffs), Rodgers was able to lead the Packers to a record of 18-11-1 thanks in part to posting a combined 108.3 passer rating in these matchups.

So, for the first time since 2004, Rodgers was not a member of a team in the NFC North this season, and to say the absolute least, it's been glorious.

Despite some of Minnesota's struggles this year, one of their best performances of the 2023 season was when they went into Green Bay back in Week 8 and handed the Rodgers-less Packers a 24-10 loss.

In all honesty, the Vikings and Rodgers had some great battles over the years, but anytime a division rival moves on from a multi-time MVP quarterback, it's a good moment for Minnesota.