6 most noteworthy Minnesota Vikings moments from 2023

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen
Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen / Catherine Ivill/GettyImages
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Noteworthy Vikings Moment No. 1

Legendary Minnesota head coach Bud Grant passes away

Bud Grant was the head coach of the Vikings for 18 years. Grant's final season as Minnesota's head coach was in 1985, and despite that being more than three decades ago, he still holds the Vikings' all-time head-coaching records for wins, division titles, playoff wins, and Super Bowl appearances.

Grant was never able to lead Minnesota to a win in any of their Super Bowl appearances, but he still made a tremendous impact on the franchise during his tenure with the Vikings.

Grant's teams were tough and gritty, and they did whatever it took to win. Defense led the way for the Vikings during his tenure, and his players relished in the opportunity to slam opposing offensive players into the turf during the freezing-cold Minnesota winters.

After his head-coaching career came to an end, Grant still remained a fixture in the Vikings organization. He even had his own office in Minnesota's TCO Performance Center, which was built just a few years ago.

Grant's interactions with the Vikings players decreased over the years, but he still found time to remind them of the toughness that he instilled into his team when he was the head coach, and sometimes all that took was wearing a short-sleeved shirt in below-zero weather for a coin toss before a playoff game.

Sadly, Grant passed away last March at the age of 95, and even though he's gone now, he won't ever be forgotten.