6 positions up for grabs for the Minnesota Vikings in 2024

Kirk Cousins
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Vikings position up for grabs No. 1


It feels strange to think that the Minnesota Vikings don't have a starting quarterback on their roster at the minute. For several years, Kirk Cousins was the reliable option for the Minnesota Vikings but now he could move on to another team.

Making the decision on whether to re-sign Cousins or attempt to find a potential quarterback of the future is going to be a massive choice that will impact the team immensely. Committing to one resolution will be tough.

At the moment, the Vikings have Nick Mullens and Jaren Hall returning for 2024. Although both those players are interesting, neither should be considered as a serious candidate to be Minnesota's starter in 2024.

Adding to the stress of the quarterback situation, Justin Jefferson has expressed that hewants to know the quarterback situation before he signs an extension. And getting that decision wrong could cause a huge domino effect.