6 positions up for grabs for the Minnesota Vikings in 2024

Kirk Cousins
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Vikings position up for grabs No. 4

Inside linebacker

If not for a contract alteration, the Minnesota Vikings could have been looking for two interior linebackers last season. However, Jordan Hicks stuck around for another year and did a good job holding down things in the middle with breakout rookie Ivan Pace Jr.

Now, Hicks is hitting free agency and Minnesota is once again looking for a linebacker who can hold things down in the middle. Troy Dye and Nick Vigil are also set to become free agents, removing some depth as well.

Expect the Vikings to sign a budget linebacker or use a mid-round draft pick on a player to fill Hicks' shoes in 2024. Another option is to look to trade for an established player they believe could be of assistance.

Having talent for Brian Flores during his second year as the defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings is important and the team will need to do a little reloading in the middle of the team's defense this offseason.