6 positions up for grabs for the Minnesota Vikings in 2024

Kirk Cousins
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Vikings position up for grabs No. 6


Greg Joseph is hitting free agency and the Minnesota Vikings will need to decide if they want to try to re-sign him or if they want to move on to find a different player to take over that duty for the 2024 NFL season.

Last year, Joseph was completely flawless with his kicks from inside 40 yards, where he hit all 17 of his attempts. However, from 40 and out, he made seven of his 13 kicks including a season-long 54-yard boot.

Being automatic from short and medium range is good but only hitting about half of the kicks from deeper is a bit of a concern. Bringing Greg Joseph back would be a safe and inexpensive move and it would give him an opportunity to improve on the longer kicks.

In today's NFL, kickers aren't as highly sought after in the draft anymore. The Minnesota Vikings could look to an undrafted free agent or two to compete for the kicker position this season but hopefully they make a good decision.