6 prospects rising up the Vikings draft board after the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine

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Prospect No. 5

Michael Penix Jr. - QB (Washington)

MIchael Penix Jr. is a name that has already been heavily associated with the Vikings. With the assumption the team couldn't trade up to get a top quarterback, Penix has been a popular option in round two or with a trade-up back into the first round.

Penix had a fantastic senior season at Washington, throwing for 4,903 yards and 36 touchdowns. His stock was red hot after he had a masterful game against Texas in the playoffs and then came back to Earth with a mundane showing against Michigan in the title game.

Penix Jr.'s Senior Bowl was seen as a mixed bag, but he has regained some momentum with a solid showing at the Combine.

It's no big surprise that Penix would shine at the Combine. He's one of the best pure throwers of the football in this class, and that showed in the throwing drills.

His measurements were also impressive as he came in at 6-foot-2 and 216 pounds with big 10.5-inch mitts and a massive 81-inch wingspan. The most positive news about Penix Jr. was his medicals.

The guy has a long history of injuries, but the word was that the early assessment of his health was very positive.

That was huge news for Penix Jr. and also huge news for the Vikings. If they like him enough and believe he can be the future, they could address a different need at pick No. 11, like grabbing an elite edge rusher.

They could then come back in round two, or trade back into round one, and get their quarterback of the future in Penix Jr., who confirmed at the Combine that he's that talented of a signal caller.