6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss to the Bengals in Week 15

Jordan Addison
Jordan Addison / Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Vikings takeaway No. 2

The tush push isn't for everyone

The City of Brotherly Love is known for a lot of things, but most recently, the tush push has been the talk of the NFL. A powerful quarterback sneak, the play is designed to add force to the momentum of a quarterback to get past the first down marker.

Minnesota was in a third and one situation and actually would have picked up a first down if not for a Bengals time-out. The Vikings came out and tried it again with poor results. On fourth down, they gave it another ago, and were short once again.

On a day when the Vikings were moving the ball well on the ground and Cincinnati was ready for anything up the middle, it's surprising that Minnesota played right into their defense, even if they did have Brandon Powell pushing on Nick Mullens' tush on one try.

It was confusing why a team wouldn't try something else. Losing field position on a quarterback sneak shouldn't theoretically be possible, but leave it to the Minnesota Vikings to find a way to get it done.