7 free-agent cornerbacks the Vikings could sign in 2024

Former Denver Broncos CB Ronald Darby
Former Denver Broncos CB Ronald Darby / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Free-Agent Cornerback No. 1

Sean Murphy-Bunting

2023 Team: Tennessee Titans

Sean Murphy-Bunting is a name that has already been associated with the Vikings. ESPN recently named him as a "best fit" option for the team when the publication attempted to pair every free agent with their best team fit.

The reason for Murphy-Bunting being a good fit in Minnesota was because of his versatility. Brian Flores loves versatile defenders and Murphy-Bunting can play outside, in the slot, and even line up at safety. He could be a versatile and elusive weapon that offenses wouldn't see coming.

Murphy-Bunting has always been a productive player throughout his career.

He's accumulated 245 total tackles, nine tackles for a loss, 29 pass breakups, six forced fumbles, eight interceptions, one sack, and one touchdown through four seasons with the Bucs and one with the Titans.

The backend of the Vikings' defense could use a playmaker like that.

Murphy-Bunting is still only 26 years old and is projected to receive a contract paying him about four million a year. That's pretty affordable for a man that age and still on the top of his game. He'd likely be a starter for the team and would upgrade this group tremendously.