7 free-agent edge rushers the Vikings could sign in 2024

Houston Texans pass rusher Jonathan Greenard
Houston Texans pass rusher Jonathan Greenard / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Free-Agent Edge Rusher No. 2

Chase Young

2023 Teams: Washington Commanders and San Francisco 49ers

Chase Young's potential is both a blessing and a curse for teams looking to sign him. Despite being hailed as the next great pass rusher during his time in college at Ohio State, there have been concerns about his consistency and effort in the NFL, especially in the playoffs.

However, he proved his worth in this past season's Super Bowl, where he was arguably the best defensive player for the 49ers.

As a result, some teams may be willing to take a chance on him and attempt to fix the issues he presents, while others may not be interested at all.

Young's market value is uncertain, and it is unlikely that he will be paid as one of the top pass rushers in the NFL. The Vikings, who may be interested in Young, could potentially get a discount on his services, but they should carefully consider their financials before making a decision.