7 high-risk free agents the Vikings could sign in 2024

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Player No. 3

Josh Uche - OLB

2023 Team: New England Patriots

Josh Uche is a player who is similar to Carl Lawson in that both players are pass-rush specialists.

Minnesota needs help getting to the quarterback, and Uche has shown flashes of being able to do just that.

The biggest issue with Josh Uche isn't injuries, but it is rather his immense volatility as a pass rusher. Uche racked up 11.5 sacks in 2022, but he followed that up in 2023 with an abysmal three sacks.

Was 2022 a fluke season? That is what teams will have to question when they think about signing Uche.

A player that is similar to Uche is the Bryce Huff of the Jets, who Minnesota could also look to sign as a pass-rush specialist.

The reason for Uche to Minnesota is that he is coming from New England, a place that Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores knows very well.

While the two never overlapped with the Patriots, that New England connection could be a push for the Vikings to pair Uche up with Flores.

Uche shouldn't bring too hefty of a signing price, as his inconsistent numbers don't warrant anything that will break the bank.

He is only 25 years old and has shown potential as a pass rusher, and with the Patriots' connection, pairing Uche with Flores makes perfect sense.