7 high-risk free agents the Vikings could sign in 2024

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Player No. 4

Curtis Samuel - WR

2023 Team: Washington Commanders

The Vikings' 1-2 punch of Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison is amazing, but after those two-star players, the receiving room drops off a cliff.

Minnesota isn't going to need a third star receiver, but having a competent playmaker as the third guy is a big need for the Vikings.

Curtis Samuel is a player who would be perfect in the Vikings system, as he is prolific when the ball is in his hands. He has shown stellar ability not only as a receiver but can even run the ball effectively in a limited fashion.

Samuel has stayed healthy lately, and his production is solid, so why would it be a risk to sign him? The biggest issue with signing Samuel is the validity of paying a fairly decent-sized contract for a WR3.

The Vikings aren't super tight on money, but signing Samuel would potentially mean losing out on a Minnesota player to re-sign, or another free agent.

Samuel has proven to be a commodity in the NFL, as his versatility would fit into any offense around the league.

There is no concern with his on-the-field production, but could Minnesota rationalize paying for Samuel? That is the risk that he would bring if he came to the Vikings.