7 high-risk free agents the Vikings could sign in 2024

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Kirk Cousins - QB

Did you think this article could be written without mentioning Kirk Cousins?

No article about the Vikings can go without mentioning the signal caller who has spent the past six seasons in Minnesota, but when it comes to high-risk signings, there is no player that fits that tag like Cousins does.

We already know about the immense split in fan opinion on Cousins, with his signing this offseason sparking massive outrage, whether he signs with the Vikings or not.

With all the polarizing opinions that fans hold about Cousins, if he were to re-sign with Minnesota, the backlash would certainly come, and that's a part of the risk right there.

Another risk with Cousins is that he is returning from a torn Achilles. An Achilles injury messes up any athlete's career, but with Cousins set to be 36 by next season's start, the risk only amplifies.

Being older isn't helping Cousins when it comes to this major injury, as there is a high possibility that it will hinder him more after returning than it would with a younger athlete.

Cousins is a good player at a premier position, and it has already been stated that his signing price won't be cheap.

Polarizing opinions, major injury recovery, and a hefty contract create the perfect storm for Cousins to arguably be the highest-risk free agent in this year's class.

Will Kirko return to the Vikings, or will he be finding a new home this offseason? Whatever the case, it will certainly be a spectacle to watch it all unfold.