8 forgotten Vikings preseason superstars from the last 10 years

Former Minnesota Vikings running back Roc Thomas
Former Minnesota Vikings running back Roc Thomas / Steven Ryan/GettyImages
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Who are a few former Minnesota Vikings players that, unfortunately, shined their brightest during the preseason, when the games don't count?

During the last 10 years, we've seen a number of current and former Minnesota Vikings players take full advantage of their opportunities in the preseason and earn themself a spot on the team's final roster.

In the last decade, guys like Stefon Diggs, C.J. Ham, and Adam Thielen all used their snaps in the preseason to prove to the Vikings that they deserve to remain on the roster. Their performances in Minnesota's exhibition games proved to be vital in determining their futures with the franchise.

Of course, we've also seen a number of former Vikings players fall completely flat during the preseason, and sometimes, it even led to the team making some surprising cuts before the start of the regular season.

Sticking with the last 10 years, though, let's look at a few former Minnesota players that shined during their preseason opportunities in a purple and gold uniform, regardless of how the rest of their NFL careers turned out.

We'll begin with an undrafted running back whose tenure with the Vikings went up in smoke despite delivering some impressive performances in the preseason.